6 Ways to Prepare for the IELTS While Traveling

6 Ways to Prepare for the IELTS While Traveling

Are you a travel freak but anxious about the upcoming IELTS exam? Be relaxed! Because we have brought the proven tips & tricks to prepare for the IELTS test even while traveling. So, take full enjoyment of your journey and do the right preparation. Keep in mind all the relevant suggestions mentioned in the blog and develop your study plan accordingly. 

6 Ways to Prepare for the IELTS While Traveling

IELTS is an English language test exam accepted by the world’s most popular countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, etc. It is divided into two phases; Academic and General. An academic test is designed for the candidates who have a dream to study in foreign universities or institutions whereas a General test is taken to analyze the English competency of the people who want to move abroad for a job. If you need further assistance on the IELTS, you can connect to the Best IELTS coaching institute in Jalandhar. 

Listen to podcasts

The IELTS test analyzes the English of the candidate based on four competencies:  Reading, writing, speaking and listening. To score great marks in the speaking and listening section, your listening ability must be good. Because there will be a ‘Retell Lecture’ where you will be assigned with one lecture and you have to hear the audio and elaborate in your own words. Podcasts will help you in this matter. Listen to academic podcasts every day using earphones. You can also repeat what you listen to on the audio. While traveling by bus, car, or train, English podcasts are the best learning tool. 

Watch movies or short videos 

You can watch study-related videos on your mobile at the time of travel. To improve your English skill, you can watch English movies on the internet. They are entertaining and interesting. Download it in advance and enjoy it in the car, or on your flight, or on the bus. It is required to prepare the study material but to score top band in the IELTS exam, you must have great knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, linking words, etc to impress the evaluator in the test. To be perfect in all these, English series, movies, short videos can help you and you can watch it on your mobile phone. You wouldn’t get bored, so, watch it wherever you go. Are you also preparing for the IELTS but need training from the certified faculties? You can take assistance from the Best IELTS coaching institute in Patiala

Interact with people 

If you are traveling to foreign countries it’s a great chance to enhance your English skills. Interact with their native speakers, ask them about their culture, people, food, festivals, etc. Don’t bother making mistakes or grammar rules, but try to talk with the English people. It makes you confident and you will get familiar with their accent. 

Download Mobile apps

Everyone keeps their smartphone along with them to take pictures or record videos. No need to carry heavy books or study materials on the trip. Keep notes on your smartphone as it takes less space. If you want to practice self-made notes, save the content in the MS-word app and read it while traveling. To improve the vocabulary, download applications from the app store related to vocabulary as the Magoosh IELTS vocabulary app is popular among English learners. Many English dictionary apps are available free of cost. You can take advantage of such apps to prepare for your IELTS test. 

IELTS bands decide whether you are prepared to study or work abroad or not, so it is good to be more serious in the study and practice. That’s why people enroll in the IELTS classes where they get free extra classes, suggestions from highly-trained language experts so it is good to take advice before directly sitting in the test. Contact the IELTS coaching in Ludhiana for guidance advice related to world education and IELTS test. 

Read novels or books 

When you try to read the IELTS study books, you need proper concentration, so, better to practice it when you free and utilize the travel time in reading your favorite novel, English magazine, book, comic, or newspaper. Make notes of important keywords such as new words, phrases, current updates, opinions, major happenings, sentence structure, vocab, etc. 

Make travel diary

To practice writing, write a travel diary and mention your beautiful moments of the trip. Use all the new words, accurate grammar, and various slang while writing. You can describe the particular location you encounter on your trip in an essay form. 

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Hence, these are the best tricks to utilize your travel time to prepare for the IELTS practice. You just need one diary, smartphone, earphones, newspaper or book along with you. 

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