Leave and Travel Concessions in Defence forces

Leave and Travel Concessions in Defence forces

The Central government is responsible for ensuring  the Indian Defence Forces and every part thereof. The supreme command of Defence forces is in the hands of the president.  The elite forces of India are revered with great honor and respect for safeguarding freedom and security of motherland. From the snow-covered mountains of himalayas to the burning heat of deserts, they serve the nation relentlessly.  A career in the armed forces of India promises the most esteemable position in the country. Along with fat salary defence employees are served with various allowances and best suitable amenities. 

Here is a list of leaves and travelling concessions in defence forces:

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  • Military training duty leave

A Defence employee is  granted a military pay differential for a period of 14 days in a year if :

  • An Employee has participated in annual military training as a National Guard or member of defence forces.
  • Who have completed one year of continuous service at the institute at the time they report such duties. 

Employees need to fulfill either one of the two conditions. Furthermore, employees may not receive military pay or vacation pay differential for the same period of two weeks. 

Defence employees are required to submit a copy of their original duty orders and a legal statement of their allowances and military pay for a 14-day period after returning from military training duty. Their salary will be adjusted after these documents are redirected to the payroll office.

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  • Civil defence and national guard call up

Employees who are serving as Civil Defense units, members of National Guard or who are called in emergencies will be availed of paid leave.

  • Leave travelling Concession for Indian Defence forces

Indian Defence forces are availed of Leave travelling concession. This concession is offered to Indian Defence forces  to bear the expenses of travelling during the period of leave.

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Defence employees are given several benefits under LTC and that are discussed in detail hereunder:

LTC (Leave Travelling Concession) Advances:

  • LTC advance is claimed through a prescribed performa (IAF 94 amended)
  • The advance request needs to be signed by the claimant and countersigned by the controlling Officer.
  • Employees should present the details of the family members and their relation, gender, date of birth etc. and it is required to be signed by the controlling officer.
  • Indicate grade pay and band pay.
  • Block year for which LTC is claimed.
  • Place of visit to be mentioned by claimant.
  • Certificate of ‘No warrant issued’ by the competent authority for the travel to be mentioned separately. 
  • Advance is limited to 90% of the approximate entitlement. 

Adjustment of LTC claims

Before redirecting important details of LTC one has to check points mentioned below:

  • Details regarding name, unit, designation, band pay,account number, grade pay, date of birth, mauritius status, home town, place of visit, PNR No./Ticket No., signature of individual and countersignatures of officer need to be mentioned compulsorily in LTC adjustment claim.
  • The claim needs to be submitted within limited time. Individuals can prefer the date of claims that is checked with the date of return journey for ensuring that claims are submitted within the required time span.
  • Leave travel concession is not availed when  journey is performed by hiring a car.
  • Leave concession is permitted to wife, children and dependents only.
  • To claim LTC for family members, a dependency certificate needs to be submitted to maintain a proper record.
  • To claim LTC one must have completed one year service as a soldier/officer. 
  • Employees need to furnish a certificate from the controlling officer before purchasing a ticket for journey.

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The leave and travel concessions offered to soldiers/officers of the Indian Defence are explained meticulously in the points mentioned above. From this we can deduce that the government of India serves special amenities to defence forces in return of their service.

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