Pawna Lake Camping Lonavala

Pawna Lake Camping Lonavala

Pawana Lake Camping, famously known as a camper’s paradise,  is so picturesque that it feels like someone took it out of a painting. The whole place is surrounded by majestic hills giving it a peaceful essence. The Pawna Lake was originally created as an artificial water body, and is now a major tourist destination. This lake is surrounded by a lot of historical forts, and people can trek there if they want to.

Best Time To Visit

The best time for Pawna Lake Camping are the dry months or the summer and the winter seasons. More specifically, the months of January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December are the ideal times to go for a camping trip. If you just wish to go there for a day visit, then the best time would be the monsoon season as everything just blooms with the rain and the whole place seems radiant. But, the perfect time for camping would definitely not be the monsoon season because of the damp weather and the frequent rainfalls. There would be no campfires, the tents would not be placed, and all outdoor activities would be prohibited.

Best Time To Visit Pawna Lake

How To Reach

Pawna lake is located about 20 kms from Lonavala. If you are travelling from Mumbai via road, you can avail the Kamshet route or the Dudhiware Khind route, and if you are travelling from Pune via road, you can only take the Kamshet route. The option of railways via Mumbai and Pune are also there. From Mumbai, you need to get down at Lonavala station and take a private jeep till Pawna Lake. From Pune, you need to get down at Kamshet station and hire a jeep till Pawna Lake. The distance from the stations to the Lake is 30 km and 22 km, respectively. You can also take a bus from Mumbai to Lonavala and then hire a private jeep or car for the rest of your journey.

Things To Carry

A campsite will provide you with most items, but it is still advisable to carry some essential things with you. A set of extra warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, mufflers, socks, and a pair of slippers should definitely be carried as it can get chilly at night. Some personal medicines, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotions are always good to carry. Torches, extra batteries, chargers, phones, cameras, bluetooth speakers should be carried at your own personal risk. You may tuck in some few dry snacks and blankets should you deem necessary.

Things To Carry

Level Of Difficulty

This camping trip is not difficult at all and is one of the easiest and relaxing things a person can do. The Pawna Lake Camping is the perfect thing to do for someone who is tired of the hubbub of their daily lives. The only thing that can be deemed as difficult would be the various thrill rides such as paragliding, if one is up for it. There are some easy treks to go on as well to make the trip more interesting. From novices to experienced people, anyone can embark on these treks.

Reasons To Do

Pawna Lake Camping is a paradise for all. There are lots of things to experience there, starting from sightseeing to performing various activities. One can go boating or canoeing, or undertake some nearby treks, or even go paragliding. Numerous games like cricket, carrom, football, dart games, archery, volleyball are hosted and played by all. There is never a dull moment. At night, there are bonfires with music or DJs, exactly like we all see in movies. You can even lay down and look up at the starry night sky and feel all burdens leaving your shoulders. There is unlimited food with all your favourite delicacies at affordable rates.

Places To Visit

There is a famous Dinosaurs Park which is loved by children where they get a mini-Jurassic feeling. Some historic forts like the Lohagad fort and the Visapur fort are often visited and people usually trek there from the Pawna Lake. These forts date back to the time of the Pandavas. Dudhiware waterfall is at a height of 135 ft and is famous for thrilling adventures like waterfall rappelling and valley crossing. The Prati Pandharpur is a place of religious worship and is surrounded by lush, green forests giving a scenic view. The Tikona fort and the Tung fort are also places of historical importance and can be reached by trekking from Pawna Lake.

About The Locals

The locals around Pawna Lake are mostly farmers. Growing tourism has helped them in a lot of ways, like agrotourism and the water from the lake. During the summer season a lot of crops are grown, like wheat pulses, tomatoes, rice, sugarcane, etc. Not many people reside there, as the area is famous for tourism. Locals from Mumbai and Pune flock there most weekends for an escape, though. Their culture and lifestyle is different from the few residing nearby. These people follow the citylife and are modern in their ways.

About The Locals

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