Top 12 Parks in Bangalore with Images, Timing, Ticket Price, Reviews

Top 12 Parks in Bangalore with Images, Timing, Ticket Price, Reviews

Bangalore is also called the Garden City of India. This is due to the fact that there are a huge number of lakes, waterpark,  gardens, and parks in Bangalore. Some are children-oriented, others have various clubs for both the young and the older generation. Many parks host social events and have musical fountains for the entertainment and fun of the local people. Flower delivery has been used by all generations. Everyone likes to receive flowers from their loved ones. Today when you can easily book delivery of flowers online, we forget that seeing them in their natural place is even more enjoyable.

List of Top 10 Bangalore Parks and Gardens

We have gathered information about Parks in Bangalore from the Google My Business listing of every park and sorted them according to the number of reviews, visitors, and photos. Here is a list of parks and gardens in Bangalore:

S. No. Park Name Timing Ticket Price



Lalbagh Botanical Park 6 AM – 7 PM ₹ 20 for adults; ₹ 10 for kids 4.4 out of 1,15,987


Cubbon Park 6 AM – 6 PM ₹ 20 for adults; ₹ 10 for kids 4.4 out of 98,528


Bannerghatta Butterfly Park 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM ₹ 80 for adults; ₹ 40 for kids 4.2 out of 81,670


Bugle Rock Park 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM ₹ 30 per person 4.4 out of 18,434


JP Park 5:00 AM -9:00 AM and 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM ₹ 10 for Musical fountain 4.4 out of 17,678


Lumbini Gardens 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM ₹ 50 per person 3.6 out of 18,396


Jayamahal Park 5:00 AM – 10:00 AM and 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM ₹ 30 per person 4.3 out of 2,808


Ranadheera Kanteerava Park 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM No entry fee 4.5 out of 2,903


Cariappa Memorial Park 5:30 AM – 8:00 PM No entry fee 3.8 out of 82


Chinnappanahalli Lake Park 5:00 AM –10:00 AM, 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM No entry fee 4.3 out of 91

Parks in Bangalore

Now we will discuss the best public parks in Bangalore one by one individually. We will discuss them on the basis of their area, popularity, structure, and other parameters. Let’s start with Cubbon park.

1) Cubbon Park

It has many beautiful plant and flower species. In the morning and evening times, this is the go-to place for most joggers. It has many structural buildings also such as museums, libraries, and toy trains. You can find a wide variety of flowers in this park. During springtime, you can see various trees and flowers in full bloom which makes this park even more beautiful.

Cubbon Park

2) Lalbagh Botanical Park

It is the largest garden in Bangalore. The colorful flowers, plants, and trees would make you enjoy nature so much more. Kids play here looking at the colorful flowers and enjoy their time near the lake. You see many beautiful flowers here which can otherwise only be seen in online flower delivery. This one of the top-notch Parks in Bangalore.

Lalbagh Botanical Park, Parks in Banglore

3) Cariappa Memorial Park

This park is known for its military theme. It has various zones in it like waterfalls, tunnels, play areas, and bridges. There are amusement parks and food areas for the children to play and eat in. The play area not only allows kids to have fun but it is designed in a way that helps children improve their physical strength and toughness.

Cariappa Memorial Park

4) JP Park

You can enjoy musical fountains in this park. There is also a swimming pool which you can use by paying a small fee. Musical fountain shows are hosted in the evenings which helps it make a great weekend getaway. Adults and children both enjoy their time in this park.

JP Park

5) Bannerghatta Butterfly Park

It has a butterfly garden to help with the growth of rare and beautiful species of butterfly. There is a laboratory that helps in the research and captivity of butterflies. You can also see a Museum when you visit this park in Bangalore.

Bannerghatta Butterfly Park

6) Bugle Rock Park

You can see natural rock formations in this park which have been formed over many years many scientists and geologists visit this park to study and research the rocks. It is also a great tourist place as these rock formations make you wonder about the effect time has on all things.

Bugle Rock Park, Parks in Bangalore

7) Lumbini Gardens – Water Park

Lumbini Gardens is a public park which is dedicated to Lord Buddha. It is a kid’s park and even has a boating club which allows you to view its greenery and serenity in peace and enjoyable moments. Parents love bringing their kids here to impart knowledge of Lord Buddha and to make them aware of their own histories.

Lumbini Gardens

8) Chinnappanahalli Lake Park

This park also consists of a large number of plants and trees and flowers. There is a kid’s area with countless swings for them to play and enjoy with. Sending flowers to your loved ones online becomes a must after visiting such a fauna-rich park.

Chinnappanahalli Lake Park

9) Jayamahal Park

It has a variety of swings and well-paved pathways for joggers and kids. It is again one of the common favorite places for kids and adults to roam in the evenings and mornings.

Jayamahal Park

10) Ranadheera Kanteerava Park

Here you will be able to find a gym that is open for the public for both men and women. It has various sculptures of kings and rulers as decoration. This is at the tenth position in the list of Parks in Bangalore.

Ranadheera Kanteerava Park

11) Nandavana Children’s Park

As the name suggests, this park is designed especially for kids. It has sandpits, swings, rock climbing walls, and many more kid-friendly rides. You can enjoy the rides free of cost and it is one of the best parks in Bangalore for kids.

Nandavana Children’s Park, Parks in Bangalore

12) Mahatma Gandhi Park

It has various sculptures of Bapu along with benches, a play area for kids, and various fountains. You will find a large variety of flowers and trees here which will make your evening as beautiful as flowers that can be delivered online. Children enjoy coming to this park as they are able to see Mahatma Gandhi statues which they have been taught about only in the books in schools.

Mahatma Gandhi Park

Frequently Asked Questions about Parks in Bangalore

Q1)  Which is the biggest park in Bangalore?

Ans) Cubbon Park is the biggest park in Bangalore followed by the Lalbagh. It almost covers 1.2 km2 (0.5 sq mi) of the area and is also known as the lung of Bangalore.

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Q2) Which are the most famous parks in Bangalore?

Ans) According to Google reviews and visitor data, Lalbagh Botanical Park is the most famous park in Bangalore.  The Cubbon Park is in second place and Bannerghatta Butterfly Park is third on the list.

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